svētdiena, 2011. gada 8. maijs

Restaurant in the Opera house

When I and more than half of my classmates were in project ‘’NordPlus Junior’’ in Norway, in the last project day we visited Oslo. We visited various places in Oslo and one of them was Oslo Opera House. In this Opera house is a really nice Italian restaurant with amazing look at the sea and ships.
Restaurant is really light and with good atmosphere. Waiters are dressed normally, in suits. It is high class restaurant and is very expensive, at least for me. There are white chairs, white desks, white floor, Opera house is also white. But it is good, because Norway is really dark country.
Food what you can get there is predominantly seafood. Also you can get salads, wraps, bread, some drinks like in all other restaurants. Thing that I don’t like there is that the portion is really small, but I think this food is for gourmets. And restaurant is expensive too. For example, small salads, what I got, cost 12 Ls. But maybe it’s normal for Norway.
I really recommend everyone who visit Oslo, to go to this Opera House and have a meal is this restaurant. Enjoy this spectacular atmosphere there. You have to see and enjoy it yourself.

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