pirmdiena, 2010. gada 29. novembris

Water pollution in Smiltene

Sewage water in Smiltene was a very big problem in Smiltene some year ago. The private houses near Teperis lake just took a pipe and through it put the sewage water of their house to Teperis lake, it was very polluted, but now the problem is solved. Some years ago there was and accident is Smiltenes dairy, and all the sewage water with some bad bacterias went into the treatment plant water cleaning sistem, where goes all the sewage water of Smiltene, and the bacterias of dairy destroyed the good bacterias of treatment plant, all the engines were damaged, but now it is working again.


This year in Latvia insects were a very big problem, because they were very much, because they had the perfect weather in winter and in spring – there were very much snow and there were very much floods and water everywhere, these things helps insects to survive especially to mosquitos. And one more big problem was ticks. They carry very dangerous disease like Lyme disease.

Monument of Freedom

The 42 meter high monument is topped by a Liberty Statue - a woman with three stars symbolizing regional parts of Latvia: Kurzeme, Vidzeme and Latgale. The author of this monument is Kārlis Zāle, it was built in 1935. Luckily, even the Soviets didn't dare topple this symbol during their reign, because the student of Karlis Zale – Vera Muhina, was against it, and now it once again represents Latvia's independence, where locals place flowers at the base to remember.