sestdiena, 2011. gada 7. maijs

Kulturstua i Ro

It is a farm up, in the mountens in Norway near Lillehammer. It’s a great place to be! It is managed by two very passionate people, a couple, who are living with loving their country, their traditions and land.
It was a great experience being there, the way they were leading their life and the heartfelt work they are putting in it, it’s touching. Being there was so nice that I even didn’t wasn’t to leave I wanted to stay there just little longer. I mean few more month. I find these kind of people interesting in a simple way, I mean they have a small community and they live simple life meaning they are not scientists, but they love what they do some much, that you can feel the warmth and kindness just bursting out of them. And that is really beautiful and touching to me.
Well talking about the few hours we spent there, we got to know about Norwegian culture – Vikings and about instruments for music and work, and traditional food. For me the food was the best thing, because it was the best soup I ever had eaten. It was really, really good! I had to ask for the recipe, which I got, and I’ll be trying to make that soup until I get it right. I am really glad that we got to meet these people, it made the whole Norway experience super great.

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