otrdiena, 2010. gada 23. februāris

Project summary

A project "Warm up hearts not the Earth" is based on practical use of English and skills, knowledge, competences of science subjects (using e.g. blog, chat) among peers from Smiltene Centre Secondary School (Latvia)and Valle videregaendeskole (Norway) in order to share students' opinions, knowledge, experience on up-to dated topics according teenagers' interests in environmental issues thus improving their language skills, style, spelling and vocabulary, communication, teamwork, collaboration. In addition, tolerance and acceptance towards other nations, cultures, nature and environment will be developed, some relationship might be established.
Students report to partners about the major environmental problems of their countries in order to introduce others with them and at the same time develop deepen their own knowledge and understanding on the particular issues and asks partner to identify main problems in their regions and report back. Students make virtual working groups, work out common and distinctive features, compare and analyze them in order to investigate possible solutions on how it has been done in students’ native town / villages. As we are aware of students' limited knowledge even on their neighbour countries, it is essential to involve cultural and national experience. It may include Cultural heritage of countries e.g. folk songs, fairy tales, myths, legends, poetry, and visual art. Students introduce partners with their cultural treasures by creating and using presentations, videos, performances, their works created during their lessons of visual art.