piektdiena, 2010. gada 15. oktobris

Trip around Vidzeme

Hello, this day was interesting and exciting.We have learned so many things about places that we visited today. Those places were:

1. A farm ”Rožkalni”
At this place we saw some farm 'equipment', for example, tractors, harvesters.
2. Smiltene (Brutuli)sewage treatment plant
At this place we saw how bacteriums do their job to clean a water and turn clean water back to the river.
3. Ltd. 'Latvija State Forests' Strenči nursery
At this place we saw one of the best and the biggest plant nursery in Baltic States. (Pines, spruces, birches and also ornamental evergreens). There are about 20 millions plants.They are delivered also to Sweden.
4. A Farm “Kempēni”
There were a guest house and farm. The owner was very kind- they fed us (served an excellent home-made lunch)and he introduced us with his guest house and told about it's history and also showed his sheep.
5. Supermarket “Valleta”
We went to the town Valmiera and did the shopping, tpo.

We enjoyed everything, we had a really good time and we are happy about this wonderful day.

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